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About Us

Shanghai Time is casual dining cafe inspired by the love for shengjianbao shared by three Shanghainese New Yorkers. Shengjianbao has been a part of the Shanghai food scene for over 100 years. Many Shanghainese residents will tell you that shengjianbao is the number one preference of the city over traditional soup dumplings.



At Shanghai Time it our mission to introduce the traditional Shanghainese Shengjianbao to the New York City culinary community. What makes the Shanghainese shengjianbao special is that the Bao is pan fried with the folded top facing down and when it’s done the bottom of the bao is crispy with a thin skin on top and inside the bao, it holds a great deal of soup and flavorful meat fillings.

Join Us

Along with the shengjianbao, Shanghai Time’s culinary team will also recreate varieties of other local flavors from the Shanghai region. Please come and join us for a traditional Shanghai-style dining experience.

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